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 The group:

Mostly from "Trøndelag", the middle part of Norway.

The trip was a "readers-trip", invited from the newspaper "Innherrad", located in Levanger and Verdal.

The editor of this newpaper, Roger Rein invited his readers (and other, like us) - to a trip to Iran in September/october - organized by the travel agent "SmartReiser" in Heimdal, a little south of Trondheim.

Roger has visited Iran earlier, now he wanted to show his readers this country!

They planned a trip for about 25, but was so polular that 36 sayd "yes", and more was also intested.

New trip in the spring 2018?
You will not regret!


Our thanks to all freiends - in the travelling group - and guides, driver and all we met in Iran!
Greetings from Brita and Eivind - in Norway!