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  To Isfahan

Day seven... not easy to remember what day it is. So many places, cities, names to remember :-)

But on our way up to Isfahan, a hotel for dowes, a visit in the desert, walking with hot sand between the toes..

The city was inmpressed, nice buildings and a picnic out in the air, made by Shima and the bussdriver! Never forget the cheese, the bread and atmosphere in the shadows of the trees ;-)

Learned about "mini-painting", using the hair of a cat on the brush, sometimes only on hair!

Visiting the Aramaic church with all the painting, motive from the Bible - fantastic.

In the evening, crossing an old bridge - meeting many nice, local people! Even got "goodies" from them - and a nice talk!

Our thanks to all freiends - in the travelling group - and guides, driver and all we met in Iran!
Greetings from Brita and Eivind - in Norway!