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Having more than 80 millon residents in Iran - we did not met them all :-)

But we met many - young, elderly and old. Surprised over all kindness we met!

"Wera are you from"... "Do you like Iran!" And more...

Some spoke English very well, some only a few words.

And if we do not met "face to face" - they smiled and waved, and looked at us. We were stragers, yes - but not "strange". Looked may be a little different - a little shorters robes - a big groupe behind a pole with a Norwegian flag at the top.

Taking photoes? We took picures wiht our cameras and phones of them - and they of us - or we "mixed".

Here are some of our memories - a small collection of "smilys" from Iran:


Our thanks to all freiends - in the travelling group - and guides, driver and all we met in Iran!
Greetings from Brita and Eivind - in Norway!