To Dambulla
Sigriya and Elephant-safari
To Kandy - 1
More Kandy
Nuwara Eliya
Negombo - fishmarket
Negombo - the canal and river
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Faces.... people..
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People we met...

To visit another country, culture - is always exiting. How do they live? Are they friendly? Is a smile from a Norwegian understood as a way to say: I like you?

Yes, we were not disappointed. If we asked for a photo, all we met said “yes” – some asked for it, but not for money for the “smile”.

Thanks for all the good feelings we were met with, from kids, young people, elder one.

Here is a little collection from my camera – good memories from Sri Lanka!

Our thanks to all!
Greetings Brita og Eivind Kringstad - Norway